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The ethylene ripening process is widely used in standard, pressurized and customized ripening rooms. Ethylene Generators are the safest commercial form of ripening. They produce small, controlled amounts of ethylene, and when used as directed, they do not cause explosions.

Ethylene Generators are so widely accepted as the norm for fruit ripening that they outnumber other forms of ethylene by a great margin.

American Ripener, LLC (ARCO) was founded on the conviction that advanced engineering with state-of-the–art technology produces superior ripening through improved ethylene generators and ripening concentrate. They have been in business since 1987 and have grown into one of the largest ripening room equipment suppliers in United States with distribution network worldwide

    -ARCO Ethylene Generator is a portable machine for ripening of fruits.
    -They can be used with computerized systems
    -ARCO Generators use less than 1 amp of electricity
    -Generators should be used in rooms that are at least 1,500 cubic feet in size and one generator can ripen upto     a 12,000 cubic foot room
    -The ARCO Ethylene Generator is very easy to use and simple to work with; just turn it on, pour the Ripener I     Concentrate in , and ethylene starts to be produced in minutes.


* Indicator Lights, which can be readily seen from a distance, confirms that unit is working properly.
    -Heater Light shows when heater is maintaining temperature
    -Lighted power switch shows when unit is operating
    -Output light shows rate of output

* Keeps the concentrate clean
    -Reservoir stays clean
    -Reservoir is covered with sturdy, rugged lid that is attached.
    -Lid keeps the reservoir free from dust and trash
    -Lid eliminates evaporation. Left-over concentrate can be left in reservoir

* Filling the reservoir is clean and easy
    -Reservoir opening is extra large for easy filling
    -Simply pour in concentrate

* Automatically shuts off at the end of the selected cycle.
    -You set the time with adjustable Cycle Timer
    -Generator automatically shuts off at end of time you set

* Delivers the ripening power you need for all size rooms
    -Output is adjustable from 6 to 30 hours per quart

* Durable stainless steel and aluminum construction
* Solid state constant temperature control
* Conveniently hangs on wall out of the way

ARCO Ripener I Concentrate:

The ARCO Ripener I Concentrate contains all natural active ingredients. The concentrate meets the higher ethylene output methods of the ARCO Ethylene Generator. With strong active ingredients, the Ripener Concentrate is converted to ethylene at a higher rate than concentrate with less active ingredients. While ARCO Ethylene Generators yield superior results with Ripener I Concentrate, this high quality concentrate may be used safely with any ethylene generator.
The concentrate is packaged in high impact shatterproof containers.